HellYeahMU provides you high quality gaming experience with the best mmorpg online game. Season 6 Episode 3 is the latest version of old interface in Mu Online game and we configured %100 with all features and we are still improving it. We invite you to perfect season 6 experience with perfect PvP & PvM balance in a private server here! Call your friends, create your team and enjoy winning in the best rates of mu online game.
[Valentines Events]
Happy Valentine's everyone! Experience will be increased, chocolate box drops will be enabled and new registration VIP level will be increased to Gold type for 4 days starting from February 14, 2018. You can check our forums for more informations [View]
[Cashshop Items]
We added Weaponary, Armory, Wing and Quest items to cashshop and we balanced some prices in all sections WCoin(C), WCoin(P) and Goblin Points.
[Daily Rewards]
We proudly announce a new and unique feature in our server. Now you will be able to get credit reward from your daily game logins! Login game everyday and get your rewards in website [View]
[New Year Events]
Happy new year EstorA! We proudly announce our new year events on 25~31 of December, 2017 [View]
[Vote Control]
We modified our vote control system from last 1 connection play time to last 5 connections play time in total 120 minutes now.
[Inactive Players]
We will delete inactive players on 24.12.2017 from our server. Tell your friends to login game one time before that date and save their accounts. Once we shutdown server for cleaning process, we will not be able to recover any character or account.
[Official Start!]
We finished our tests and started our server officially. Thanks for your patience. Enjoy playing HellYeahMU!
[New Experience]
We increased our server experience (master) to 18x (12x)
[New Prices]
We're modifying our prices in website and game. Now non-donators will be able to purchase a lot of things from cashshop too [View]
[Test Period]
Please test in game everything if you are able to play with no disconnect or problem. Good luck! Report any problem to hellyeahmu@hotmail.com [View]
Event Name Time Left
Golden Invasion -8:-22:-30
Happy Hour -8:-22:-30
White Wizard -8:-22:-30
Santa Invasion -8:-22:-30

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